In my quest to work more as a stylist, I was thrilled when I was asked to style a newly-designed wallpaper for The Common Room.

The funky new wallpaper, designed by Susie Green is just up my street, being pink and a stripe. But not just any old pink stripe. One based around the naturally-gentle fall of a silky ribbon, with its twists and curves that catch the light. Two different pinks and the charming hand drawn nature of the design set the paper well apart from others of a similar theme.

Not being one for the too-obvious and liking a bit of a challenge, I made it my mission to NOT style the pink ribbons as a girl’s bedroom. Or any bedroom in fact. Why shouldn’t we have pink ribbons on our telly room, dining room or kitchen walls? And whilst I am at it, why paint skirting boards and woodwork white? Get some colour on them!

The props used in the shoot were deliberately chosen to suggest rooms where traditionally we would get the emulsion out. Hence the coffee table, flowers, napkins and candles. And, as we are surrounded by a mix of textures all day long, I intentionally popped loads of those into the shots too.

So off I set across London, the car rammed full of props and furniture and The Common Room and I had a jolly time waiting for the sun to go in and trying to stop weird shadows appearing from apparently nowhere.

Hopefully you are so inspired by the images that you just must get yourself some pink striped wallpaper. Follow the links at the bottom of the page.