I am going through a bit of a white phase. Possibly because I am mid-way through undercoating the children’s bathroom, giving it a bit of a facelift after the red walls became too oppressive. What was I thinking five years ago?

It’s this extra daylight. It brings to mind images of summer I currently translate that as white. I know it’s stating the obvious but I was reminded, whilst slapping on the undercoat just how refreshing, simple and pure white is. I do love colour, as you know but for the moment, white is my best friend. I may just leave the bathroom in its undercoated glory. Or if that’s too radical, I may refer back to a previously-published post on decorating with whites.


Leaving elements plain, gives the rest of the items in the room space to breathe. The same is true of my new discovery.

Enter sculptor-turned-tableware-designer Julian Sainsbury. His designs are intentionally left spartan and pared back allowing the beautiful forms to dance a little. Gentle curves and elegant proportions alongside the pared back aesthetic for me, is the perfect fusion. Unfussy, uncluttered, unadorned.

The simple ivory colour of the porcelain clay used is instantly appealing to chefs around the world as nothing shows off food more than a classic, plain plate. No wonder Nigella, Gwynnie and Nigel are fans. Not only does the porcelain tableware look really really good but due to the high firing temperatures in the kiln, this porcelain is extremely durable, perfect for everyday use and, wait for it….dishwasher proof.

And a producer/maker/designer who focusses on the function and form goes into Interior Spy’s ‘Special Book of Favourite Brands’.

I am just furious I missed out on the sale.

Must dash and finish the undercoating.