As we all are probably aware, the current buzzword, and hopefully it is a buzzword FOR, like, EVER is sustainability. Sustainability in fashion, in interiors, in our daily lives. I bet all of us reading this are pro sustainability, but does anyone know what it actually means? Well I won’t bore you with endless Wikipedia entries and Google searches, you can do that for yourselves.

From my research and talks I attended at Focus and Decorex, sustainability seems to be all things to all people.

But I realise that whilst people are talking about sustainability as being the responsibility of society and governments, this is a BIG ask and one that will take years. But I reckon we can all do something and not wait for the big guys to step in.

How can small businesses like Interior Spy contribute to sustainability?

For me, it is essential to know where products come from. Who made them and how.

I feel very proud to know that all pieces in our collection (handpicked by me in sub-Saharan Africa over the past 2 years) are handwoven by communities (mainly of ladies) who make their living from the skill of weaving, a tradition stretching back thousands of years. Their weaving not only enables them to send children to school, but is a HUGE source of pride and most importantly, independence.

Through Interior Spy’s charitable activity with CAMFED support female education in sub-Saharan Africa, helping to get girls into education, breaking the cycle of poverty.

I and some of my collection will be at the Handsale (details below), or of course, online. So come along and delight in the unique, the wonky, the misshapen and the natural.

I can’t get enough of our angels’ little smiling faces. They just make me smile every time I see them scattered about the showroom.