You know that room you have always wanted to redecorate but life got in the way? You know that niggling feeling: you want to get on with a project, but you just don’t know where or how to begin? There are so many different layers to a room which each need proper thought and consideration. And many layers consequently mean separate decisions and trips. Where is the time for all this? Rushing to a furniture showroom for one side table. Or taking a whole morning just to source a lampshade. Decorating decisions always take longer than we think. But imagine there was somewhere you could go that saves all this time. Just imagine…..

Fairyland does exist. There is a place, over the valleys and beyond the hills. Kind people with good taste who lend advice. Actually it is in London, SW10, so not too far away, depending.

Lorfords Antiques have teamed up with Irving and Morrison and together they have created an inspiring one-stop-shop which answers pretty-much most decorating issues. It is heaven. Fabric wise there is something for everyone, from simple geometric patterns, to bold floral designs. Furniture wise there is a happy mix of period and mid century, (am taking notes on the clever styling). Lamps, shades and rugs sit alongside suzanis, ceramics, artwork, mirrors and more.

Bright green walls (favourite colour) enliven the lower ground space and the upper floors illustrate a point on a previous post I wrote, that soft pinks make a great backdrop colour (little reminder….. Here, the pink shows off some fantastic antiques that span centuries. And what’s more, the stairwell and landing house some very familiar wallpaper that you may recognise from another post (another little reminder…. All my favourites are under the elegant roof of a townhouse in Chelsea, so I am a little biased, but this really is an Aladdin’s Cave of wonders and treasure. And really good taste.

Here’s a taster but you really need to visit it for yourself.