If you know the brand Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, you will probably be thinking of that wonderful, chalky versatile furniture paint. You just dip your brush in and off you go. It couldn’t be easier and what’s more, you are actively encouraged to mix colours together and create your own. I attended a workshop recently and did that typical childhood thing of mixing all the colours together, which unsurprisingly came out as ‘sludge’. Actually, a lovely colour but not the intention.


Well, there is a deep rumble in the interior design world as Annie Sloan Wall Paint is launched, ready for our homes. Yup, finally we have the chance to put those gorgeous colours (not the sludge) on our walls.


Launched at Decorex this year, the Wall Paint range includes sixteen of the most popular colours from the Annie Sloan Palette: from tranquil neutrals to vivid brights, so a bit of something for everyone.


Washable and scrubbable, the Wall Paint allows for everyday spills and marks to be cleaned off easily, making it an exceptionally practical paint for walls and ceilings. It is also perfect for high traffic areas like kitchens and as it contains a light sheen, is also suitable for bathrooms.


As Annie says, painting (in the decorating sense) shouldn’t be a chore but something enjoyable.

“I have developed Wall Paint with my approach to painting firmly in mind – which is to be expressive and free….”

But it is also highly practical, as Annie goes on,

“Give it a go with all that a kitchen can throw at it, its stands up to all kinds of everyday living in the home-whatever children, pets, bicycles, bags, boots can throw at it…”

Sounds like my kinda paint!

Watch this space for my own experiments with the Wall Paint but in the meantime, enjoy the inspiration below.