I had a quick thought. For the past year or so, I have very slowly and gently been returning to my prior (as in prior to small people) career as an interior designer. Added to this is a little off-shoot as an interior stylist, which although similar to interior design, is a new path for me. Can’t wait! So it dawned on me that if I am to promote myself just a tad, and use this blog as a portfolio, I had better actually publish some images of recent jobs.

So here is a little ‘baby’ project to start with. Two small but powerful bathrooms, in a Battersea penthouse, on the ninth floor. Imagine my relief when the client specified “no bathtub”.

They were both a little worse for wear and had that “developer’s look” ie beige and soulless.  So they had a good makeover (I like to think). The master courtesy of lots of texture mixing: tadelakt, timber and marble in simply earthy tones. The guest shower room courtesy of moody blue tadelakt and simple glass details. Why complicate matters?

So, spread the word that you know a great stylist and designer and have a peaceful Christmas and New Year.

See you in 2018.