The Interior Spy

I feel I owe my trusted readers an explanation.

Interior Spy started life about 3 years ago as an interiors newsletter styled and written by me, as an offshoot from my background as an interior designer/stylist.

Ideas morph, and in 2018 I started ‘testing the waters’ with a small collection of natural homewares from sub-Saharan Africa, also under the Interior Spy umbrella.

This small collection has grown and in March 2020 Ilala was born, as a source for designers and homemakers. But Interior Spy remains the platform for my interiors musings and wanderings. These newsletters could be related to Ilala or could just be a collection of inspirational interiors-related things I have seen along the way.

How To Decorate With Yellow And……Sludge

How To Decorate With Yellow And….Blues

How To Decorate With Yellow And…..Browns

How To Decorate With Yellow And….Pale Shades

How To Decorate With Yellow And…..Golds

Window Shopping

Aladdin’s New Cave

No Frills

Zig Zag Zen

Warm Tones For A Timeless Scheme

Pots About Pots

Chat With An Artist

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