With the sludgy army greens that I pulled out for this scheme I was considering saving this blogpost for the autumn. The darker, textured fabrics conjure up images of rainy windswept walks and evenings by the fire, in an interior abundant with faded patterns, rustic linens and soft wools. An earthy yellow for the walls would look subtle and calm, and I am all for spaces with those vibes. But then I realised I was linking a scheme to the weather and that is not what interior design is all about (unless you live on a yacht). Save that for fashion design.

But if you are looking for something a bit different, the yellow I chose for this scheme offers more impact, is more arresting and really zaps it up. It is bold, and yet I don’t find it too much and is a bit of a chameleon: it can fit in anywhere. Versatile. We like that. Cosy study/telly room, modern kitchen, funky restaurant, child’s bedroom (yes, really). I see this scheme best in a study/telly room (or snug as it is sometimes called): mixed in with all those greens and and perhaps some country timbers, it too invites us to a well-earned rest by the fire.

I don’t know why it works so well with earthy, military greens. Possibly something to do with contrast and opposites attracting but they are not opposite each other on the colour wheel, so why do they work? No idea.

I touched on this last week.


Any ideas as to why these colours work together when they are not “supposed” to? Sometimes there isn’t an answer for everything I suppose, but let me know your thoughts in the comments box.

In the meantime….