The world’s favourite colour, according to Radio Four’s Owning Colour program.


Interior Spy’s favourite colour, or one of them, as my current Instagram feed illustrates.

Imagine my delight therefore when earlier this year Pantone and Dulux announced their colours of 2017 to be Greenery and Denim Drift, respectively. Colours that are both full of impact and yet subtlety too. They are great as stand alone colours but together?

Ummm hello?

Yes please!

In my humble opinion, they take some beating as a colour combination, as the images below (hopefully) testify, and I see that someone else agrees with me since they are placed alongside each other on a paint swatch-hooray!

With summer coming to a close, all thoughts of lush green grass and burning blue skies turn to rusts and slates. Or maybe that’s just me, being an orange and grey lover too. But I am not yet ready to put these colours to bed this year. Or ever in fact and have used them as as springboard to best represent my interpretation of Focus 2017, the launchpad of hundreds of new designs in furniture, fabrics, lighting, wallpapers and other collections in the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, this week.

Some fabrics below are hot of the press and some have been around for a bit but, as we all know, good colour combinations will last forever and are adaptable to any style of interior, in the right proportion and tone. They are timeless and versatile and very very complementary to each other.

I hope you enjoy the visual assault and can you find a little corner of your home to house just one or two of the examples below?

Go on!