Yes, I am back.

But “back from where?” I hear you ask.

No, I haven’t been sunning myself on faraway sands (sadly), climbing craggy outposts in distant lands (no way), designing amazing spaces (oh, go on then, if you insist), or weaving baskets. Nope, I have been on a bit of a “get-your-brand-out-there” mission, with my African basketware. Yes, the Christmas Sale trail that started in September (I know, don’t). It is all good but I am aware I have neglected my newsletter.

That said, this Christmas-themed post was thought of way back in August when I happened upon some beautiful whitewashed buildings in sunnier climes, and thought “hmmm these pix could make a nice Xmas post”.

Back on that relaxed Greek island (no motor vehicles allowed…heaven!), I snapped a lot of white on white, or white “with a dash” of something, specifically for this winter newsletter. Yes I am on that Christmas bandwagon, sliding in the cliché of all clichés: Christmas+winter+snow=white.

As if!

Now, looking at these pix again, they just bring back a wonderful summer holiday. But they are supposed to suggest ideas on how to decorate with white.

Those Greeks make decorating with white look easy. The climate helps obviously. Just paint your walls white, add in a splash of something for a spot of contrasting woodwork and off you go.

But as I renovate my small barn in Somerset for African basket HQ (watch this space for more), I find that decorating with pure white is actually not easy.

At all.

As it turns out, I do like a bit of understated subtlety in my interiors. Especially in this northern European climate. And here I turn to the expertise and aesthetic of Farrow & Ball’s colour consultant Joa Studholme. She wisely advises on how to use lots whites in a scheme, without the space appearing stark, soulless or cold.

So here are those holiday snaps. Take some whites and play around. If you are not feeling the love, go straight to the F&B link below.

Happy Christmas and let’s hope’s a white one.