Just wait a minute, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

My third in the series of Decorating With Yellow, and I am keen to dispel any myths or preconceptions of yellows with browns. You may think “wonderful, but only for the grand old interiors of stately piles up and down the length of our nation”. Or you may think “yuk, it reminds me of that dodgy youth hostel I once stayed in”. Both places few of us call home. On a more realistic plane though, soft deep yellows alongside warm and gentle browns, all with varying textures, and suddenly yellow and brown become relevant. They appeal, invite, relax and create a space you can easily be in for hours.

As with all interiors, the overall effect comes as much from what you choose for your scheme as how you use it.

For example, if you are more of a modernist and don’t like pattern, grab some plain fabric cuttings, in the colours below or similar, and think about layering these together. Pop in a 1950’s piece of furniture and you have a modernist scheme. OK, I know that is really simplified but you get my gist? By adding your flavour to a colour scheme that you think only has a place in a hideous memory or an unrealistic interior, you add another variable and you create your space.

A room doesn’t have to be heaped full of colours to make it work. I add that I am a huge fan of heaping rooms with colours, so this scheme (and the other yellow schemes on this blog) are a bit of a challenge for me. I focussed on really only using the two colours of yellow and brown but it looked flat and needed a bit of something. So I brought in natural textures and a simple pattern for a bit of vitality.

And why add more if you have a scheme or look that already works? This is a bit of a recurring theme for me…see the following link (http://www.theinteriorspy.com/2017/04/13/decorating-with-yellow-pale-shades/). If you find the room a bit empty, having lived with it for a bit, you can always add in things that are immediately movable: throws, rugs, cushions, funky lampshades and just lots of your stuff.

Any excuse to go shopping really.