Happy FriYAY!

Yes it’s another delayed newsletter. What happened to once a month? No idea but I am secretly enjoying the quiet time to get on with the inevitable and rather daunting tasks of “behind the scenes” activities that go on at Ilala HQ in rural Somerset. And this newsletter is a fine example: better late than never, so here goes….

I know this is a slight understatement but given that we are spending so much time in our homes, I thought it was high time to collate a few ideas on how to cosy up our spaces.


One day when this is all over, I am going to educate myself properly into the science of light in a domestic interior and become a bit of a lighting nerd. In my humble opinion a sensitive, well-thought through lighting scheme in a home (or commercial space for that matter) is a key element (if not the key element) to the mood of a space. And I don’t just mean the ambience set by the lighting scheme, I also refer to the light itself, pendant, table lamp or wall light. The lights are WAY more than just lights, BUT the chance to add another layer into your scheme: sculptural, textural, colour or all three.

This is why I am so obsessed by our Bulawayo Garlic Gourd lamp bases: from small to extra large, they bring a subtle layer of texture and sculptural movement to a space. Making a bit of a statement and WOW factor in their unique shapes, as every gourd has its own wobbly character, they offer discussion, a talking point. Let’s face it, talking is good in these quiet and isolating times!

The same applies to our Thando wall lights, which I wasn’t going to include, but they DO create art, it’s simple. When the lights are off, gently curved half cylinders punctuate the wall. When the lights are on, they from shadows and shapes from the bulb within.