Welcome to Ilala’s autumn newsletter.

It was great to see so many of you during Design Week back in September, and share the positive vibes. Now, as we chug slowly through another lockdown, I though I’d keep you posted on what we have been up to.

We were thrilled to be asked to collaborate in a new collective at Design House, in the Furniture & Arts Building on Lots Road, London, Chelsea’s design hub. The space showcases a heady mix of contemporary and classical suppliers and makers, creating a one stop shop for yours or your clients’ design needs:

Andrew Kornat
Iluka London
Justin van Breda
Samantha Todhunter
Samarkand Design

As well as a wide range of delicious fabrics and rustic, handwoven accessories (though we say so ourselves!)

All brands bring something different to the table, creating an overall super-groovy look: think “pared-down-industrial-warehouse meets high-end-hand-crafted”, a design aesthetic we love due to the unexpected mix of continents, textures, centuries and styles. And all beautifully curated, showing the ever-crucial interiors skill of layering.

So come and visit us once lockdown is over, where the space lends itself effortlessly to design meetings (and parties….watch this space).

Please note, in “normal” circumstances the showroom is very-much a walk-in-and-browse space. The brands above, JvB excepting, are all based in their independent offices so should you wish to meet at the Design House and discuss forthcoming projects, do just contact us independently.

Look forward to meeting you there!

[email protected]