OK so to Design Week.

Previously, we had collated our entire collection of homewares, furniture, lighting and accessories into one big online shop. We have since decided to separate our Collection https://www.ilala.co/our-collection/ and the online Boutique https://www.ilala.co/shop/?product-page=1, so there are now two avenues (and price points) to review the whole Ilala collection. For a bit on our background story and our charitable support, have a read here https://www.ilala.co/our-story/.

Our Collection itself comprises three simple categories: Furniture, Lighting and Rush Matting and there are obviously sub-categories within those. We are adding our new designs as much as possible, a little tricky when we are all in lockdown and beautiful high-res lifestyle images and cut outs are something to be planned for September! Where possible we will be posting snaps of these new designs on Insta, but they are snaps, so bare that in mind (as are the snaps below).

If you are working to specific dimensions, and do not see anything suitable on the website, just get in touch as chances are, we may have something in our collection, just not yet online. We may also be able to work on bespoke designs for large projects, so again it’s worth an email or phone call to discuss options.

Our catalogue is making progress so we will email that out to all the requests as soon as possible – thanks for bearing with us! The reason for this apparent disorganisation is that we decided to change brand names, and make our brand much clearer about 2 weeks prior to Design Week – great timing we know! Oh then there’s that Coronavirus putting a stop to pretty-much everything, hence the elements of our brand already mentioned that are not yet up and running on the “outside”. But behind the scenes we feel remarkably calm: we have the products (more en route from Zimbabwe), you just need to contact us directly if you are interested in a particular piece….the old school way!

Oh and about the name: ilala palm forms the basis of much our collection and is indigenous to much of sub-Saharan Africa, so it was kind of an obvious choice.

In a future newsletter we will highlight our new designs, woven from ilala palm and created by us over the space of a year but for the moment, enjoy the images below of our stand at Design Week and do get in touch with any stock, pricing and dimension queries.