As I drove along country lanes last week, chewing the brightly-coloured fruit pastels from the glove compartment, I realised that without the dark wintry months which we all complain about, we wouldn’t appreciate or even have the signs of early Spring and the hope that they bring. And as I rummaged for the red one, I noticed these first signs of triumph-through-darkness: the first little snowdrops and their gently nodding heads.

Possibly my favourite flower of all time. I mean seriously, what’s not to love about this image? Although bare feet and arms in the snow is very silly.



The fact remains that we are still in deep winter and cosy lighting is essential to see us through.


I find it increasingly hard to source fine quality, handcrafted lighting which speaks a different language: something that is not just a lamp or shade but is actually a piece of art.


So at Interior Spy HQ we (that’s the royal we) have been developing our own range of lighting where the handcrafted is celebrated and is very much part of the design.


Harvested and woven by rural communities in mainly Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa, we celebrate the glorious imperfection of our collection, where beauty comes from simplicity – like that snowdrop. Unbleached palm and grasses means that our lights are adaptable to any interior scheme.


Texture is abundant, that goes without saying and adds heaps of character. If you DID want to add a hint of something a bit vibrant and crazy to your pendant, there is a wealth of colour-popping choice – like those fruit pastels. YOU the designer, client, end user can pick ‘n mix. OMG that was a genuine, unintended sweet analogy. Love it when that happens.


So below I have put just some of our lighting into sections, as a little amuse-bouche to whet your appetite.

Do remember that we have many more styles and varieties of pendant lights, so just get in touch if you don’t see what you are looking for.

For bespoke designs and large orders get in touch.

We are based in West London and Somerset, so if you need to see our collection ‘in the flesh’, just get in touch. Or we may be able to arrange a site visit.

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