I don’t know about you, but I have recently noticed a bit of a turnaround in the handcrafted look. A ‘no frills’ approach to materials is out there and I see craftsmen allowing their products to stay un-treated, un-waxed, un-sanded and altogether ‘unfinished’. By doing this they show us, the general public, their huge respect for their chosen materials. I touched on this in a recent post http://www.mirandavedral.com/2016/12/conran-and-cathedrals/.

To marry raw materials with modern design takes great skill. One design company that is at the forefront of this aesthetic and who has championed this look since 1996, is Ochre. The three founders are guided by a fascination with materials, a deep appreciation of craftsmanship and the desire to create understated yet luxurious furniture and lighting. They design what they believe in and what they love rather than pander to market trends.

Tasteful design and excellent craftsmanship make a product beautiful so here are my top four Ochre beauties.


Rope flex, raw oak and glass. Simple. Any of those materials could be found along the shore, giving The Beach Pebble, a natural feel and a raw tumbled sensibility.