Bulawayo Garlic Gourd Lampbase



Our Garlic Gourds start life as traditional grain stores form Zimbabwe. We like to innovate and experiment so we turn these wobbly and imperfect beauties into best-selling lamp bases to create a bit of wow factor for your interior.

Available with matt brass or bronze fittings.

Please remember each gourd is handwoven so imperfections appear and we love a bit of asymmetry.

Many colours available for cable choice. Just let us know your preferences by email.

S: Dia 25-30cm, H30cm

M: Dia 30-35cm, H30-35cm

L: Dia 45-65cm, H55-65cm

XL: Dia 80-90cm, H50cm

Woven in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Woven from Ilala Palm

If you would like your order shipped outside the UK, please contact Miranda at [email protected] for accurate postage and shipping pricing

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