Luckily for me, I get a bit of a heads up on new designs and products which are either recently-launched, or about to be launched to the interior design market.

But I do not write about any old rubbish. I am very selective about what publish on this site….don’t want any ‘nasties’ slipping through the net now, do we?

And I have a real goodie for you.

Why do we have straight edged rugs? OK straight lines are useful and all but why not “go a little crazy”?

I am delighted to say that someone has. Three people in fact.

The interior designers Salvesen Graham and bespoke rug designer Jennifer Manners have put their creative minds together and created a flatwoven rug with a twist. The very first of its kind, SCALLOP takes a classic double-border format and adds a little flourish: the crescent detail.

See, told you it was a goodie.

The SCALLOP rug, handwoven in India from New Zealand wool (much softer than British wool due to the amazing climate out there-goddam) is available in four standard colourways, Cerise (shown), Fawn (a double neutral), Fir (a double green), and Ocean (a double blue), all on that lovely, creamy neutral background.

And what I really love is that there isn’t an overwhelming choice, which just muddles us all (or is it just me?).

Classic colours + funky shapes = cool, new versatile rug design. Hooray!

Price £345/sqm (all prices inc VAT). Bespoke colour options and sizes are also available.

But Jennifer Manners and Salvesen Graham are not the only ones at ‘scallops in design’. My new brand discovery, Matilda Goad (link below) is at it too, but that’s another blogpost. Pop in to their showrooms to have a peek.

And don’t forget, you heard it here first….