Now that we have hit Midsummer, images of shrouded druids and pagan gatherings in the woods spring to mind. As does camping, Swallows and Amazons style. As the promise of sleeping under the stars on a hot summer’s night (yeah right) and bathing in natural streams (yeah right) becomes more ‘real’, I gravitate towards all things native and natural, and go a bit feral at this time of year. So for this post I wanted to shoot outside, en plein air. So, create a woodland clearing for my druids and my Swallows, I needed the help of a fabric that is ever reliable and adaptable. After all, druids needs to keep warm during all that chanting and the Swallows need a tent, obviously.


There is something about linen that has always appealed. Always. I mean which fabric can be used for its rough and sturdy characteristics à la sacking, and for its elegance à la floppy curtain. For me, linen has always held that title of understated elegance, and is perfect in its roughness and apparent imperfection.

So anyway, back to the druids and Swallows. At the launch of the new George Spencer Designs showroom in London, I sought the help of their delicious new Hamptons Linen range in beautiful, soft colourways. These heavyweight but incredibly soft linens helped channel my inner hippie. I imagined them doubling up as druid capes, flung upon ancient boughs, ready for some sort of ancient ritual on midsummer’s e’en. Truly pagan and mysterious.

So here are three of the colour ways, soft and muted for understated elegant interiors.

As for my nights beneath the stars, if they turn chilly, I am tempted to don the linen shroud, grab the floral garland for my head, gather a posie of summer flowers and head out into the hills, to search for that natural stream. Divining rod anyone?

As it is, I will probably just stick to sleeping in a bed and enjoy the versatility of linen in all it different guises at home.