For years I have always wanted to have a Midsummer Eve party. In the Northern Hemisphere our ‘big’ celebratory event falls in the depths of winter. Well why not celebrate the summer too?

It is warmer, lighter and generally more pleasant to be outside at 10pm as the summer night closes in, unlike the winter night closing in at 4pm! I know I should be grateful I don’t live in Scandinavia, where in the winter it barely gets light, in the summer it barely gets dark. I still think that would be quite cool. Very dramatic.

Anyway, last year Midsummer’s Eve fell on a weekend for once and, for once it was boiling hot. Also for once we were in the middle of a wretched lockdown so that idea was a non starter. This year it fell on a chilly Monday night, so again a non starter but I thought I’d put together a few of our favourites for the summer table or summer picnic even if it does take place inside!

I think I might move to the Southern Hemisphere 😎.

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