You have a great living space that you enjoy hanging out in, but it needs a bit of a revamp. A petrifying thought? All those decisions?! Start with one item of quality and take it from there. I recently attended the launch of a new bespoke collection from Talisman London. Usually famed for their antiques and quirky pieces, the design team have come up with amongst others, some perfect little gems for the home, whose possibilities are endless.

Stools. Pouffes. Ottomans. Whatever you call them (I’ll call them stools) and whether you have one or five, their versatility is unquestionable and here’s why.



I can’t say it clearer. These little stools can be used every day, as part of your living room seating set up. Or occasionally. So  just like Georgian furniture (which often has castors for ease of movement), when not in use, they can sit happily against a wall or piece of furniture, perhaps with a book/Sunday papers resting on top.



The bespoke element that Talisman offers means you can tailor these little things to exactly your dimensions and colour preference. To add ” bit of something” to your space, opt for a pop of colour. Small but very punchy.



I do like my mixing of textures, so the metal base that sits alongside the velvet seat is a great visual combination, and perfect for adding a bit of tasteful “bling”. I am not sure there is such a thing but you know what I mean.



Even if you are not a fan of any of the above and prefer the natural, pared-down look, a bit of neatly-upholstered furniture adds variation to a scheme. It doesn’t have to be a huge piece or brightly-coloured and the pared-down nature of your scheme won’t be compromised. Just the opposite in fact as, by way of contrast, both elements of the room will apparent.



Less is more. Quality not quantity and all that. It really only takes a flash or something whether metal, colour, size or fabric to create a space that is a cut above the rest.