How do you decorate with one colour but keep the scheme interesting?


Or not, as I now realise. I recently attended a talk by the Farrow & Ball colour consultant Joa Studholme, who opened up the world of colour, laid all my queries to rest, touched on colour theory and nudged me to be brave.

Focussing on trends for 2017, Joa chose four colours from the Farrow & Ball palette. All White, Studio Green, Radicchio and Hay. She explained how best to group these colours with others from the palette, and suggested wonderful and unexpected pairings that create a happy whole. It is always exciting to hear experts in their field, so I thought I’d share advice and suggestions from the pro.

Given the summery time of year, I am starting with the whites. This I thought, was the most challenging ‘colour’. How to make a white scheme special, different, stand out? White ‘goes’ with everything which is great but on the flip side, this can veer towards the unimaginative. Not so! Who would have thought that putting a “blue white” with a “pinky white” would work? Pop in a “lilac” white and “white” white to the palette and what could have just been a “white room” becomes an exciting, calm, understated-chic space to be in.

Interestingly, Joa states that any proportion of the whites together work beautifully. Basically, you can’t go wrong.

I have added in some fabrics to create a room scheme, intentionally mixing up patterns, colours and textures.