As I sit in a coffee shop in deepest darkest Dorset on a muted January day, I can’t really bring myself to post a blog brimming with bright colours. It doesn’t feel natural and yet could really do with a colour injection.

Climate definitely affects our mood and as a by product, our interiors. And I used to think that you should decorate according to climate because where a lovely soft blue in the UK looks….well…..lovely, soft and blue, in an antipodean beach house it could take on the hue of a pair of old tights (nice). But that said, if you like the colour of old tights, get out the paint pot and brush.

My point is, it doesn’t matter what you paint your interior, so long as you are happy with it. Ultimately, your interiors should make you feel content, which will lighten your mood and in turn you’ll probably have a fantastic day at at work. All because of the colour and palette of your home. OK, slight exaggeration but you know what I mean. Actually just the other day, I was getting fed up with my depressing grey walls. They are now pink and make me smile every day.

So, as I am not in the mood for bright, punchy schemes, here’s a soft, muted one I put together a few months ago. Soft yellows, dark inky greens, greys and browns are all very earthy, work well together and are easy to live with. They make a good backdrop for the odd antique piece of furniture too.

You may find the palette a little too muted and dull. Yes it probably could do with a colour injection somewhere: a rug, cushion or bunch of flowers would do the trick.

Hopefully I’ll get into a more colourful groove between now and my next post.