My head is swimming with information overload from all the new collections at London Design Festival last week.

I need clarity. I crave clean lines and sharp edges in the form of one design. Just one.

After a little research, I find what I am looking for in the form of a neat, fresh geometric wallpaper pattern from Barneby Gates.

You may recognise this groovy paper from a post a few months back, see below. But once is never enough and because of the calming effect this paper has, with its neat structure and definite direction, it clearly deserves another outing, albeit in a different colour way.


In this post, my aim is to quietly explore the possibilities of placing wallpaper where you wouldn’t normally think to do so. In all rooms of the house. Busy rooms. Rooms with a lot of traffic. Not just the old spare room/downstairs loo trick (guilty).

So my photographs, clichéd as they are, serve a basic purpose: to illustrate that if you style something, in this case a wallpaper, with unlikely pairings, the result is surprisingly refreshing.

For Example

1) Funky ziggurat wallpaper + old leather books, as you might find in a library/study/office = unexpected, therefore amusing and different and sooooo liveable.

2) Funky ziggurat wallpaper + everyday items, as you might find in a kitchen = livens up the everyday spaces we inhabit doing boring chores (cooking, dishwashing etc)

3) Funky ziggurat wallpaper + old silver, as you might find in a formal drawing/dining room = de-formalises the space, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere which, let’s face it, is what we all want isn’t it?

So here you are, a few slightly unorthodox examples of where and how to use a groovy-yet-subtle wallpaper. It serve as a happy backdrop to the clutter of our lives: the endless piles of ‘stuff’ in the kitchen, look less horrid sitting alongside a funky wallpaper than next to a magnolia wall. Catch my drift?

A design that is uplifting as well as subtle and calm in effect is, in my opinion, hard to find. After London Design Festival, longs days assisting on shoots, styling my own blog and the switching between roles that many of us do on a daily basis, this paper helps clarity and order in my head.


Groovy calm is all that’s needed.